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Question: What does the canary symbolize in the story? In Susan Glaspell’s play “Triffles” symbolism is used to represent the meaning of the play. The play starts out to be a very open and shut case of the murder of John Wright. The play begins with the county sheriff, sheriff and witness Hale, all men, visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wright where the murder occurred. While the men are retracing the steps of possible motives throughout the house, the women, Mrs. Peters (the sheriff’s wife) and Mrs. Hale (wife of the witness), are left in the kitchen where they unknowingly find clues that lead to the motive of John Wright’s murder. As the women were gathering some of Mrs. Wright's things they discovered a bird cage with a broken door and no bird inside. They later find the bird in Mrs. Wright's sewing box neatly placed in silk with its neck broken. Mr. and Mrs. Wright did not have any children so the canary was though substitute for children. Although Mr. Wright was not portrayed to be physically abusive in the play, he is described as someone who “kept his word as well as most and paid his debts, but he was a hard man” (Pg. 755). So the canary was essentially Mrs. Wright’s friend to help ease the silence throughout their house. When the women found the bird, they realized that Mrs. Wright killed her husband because he prevented her from communicating with others. Mrs. Hale makes the relation of the bird to Mrs. Wright when she stated, "she was kind of like a bird herself-real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and-fluttery," (Page 755). In a sense, by breaking the bird’s neck Mr. Wright strangled his wife. The bird became a symbolism for Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters felt that Mr. Wright was the murderer for what he did to his wife. From the beginning when the canary is first discovered to the end of the play, the canary symbolizes the life

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