Susquehanna River Research Paper

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Water Resources - Flooding Environmental Science October 13, 2013 The Susquehanna River is one of the longest rivers of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. It begins in Otsego Lake in central New York travels through the Appalachian Mountains in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland and then flows into the head of the Chesapeake Bay in Havre de Grace, Maryland. ("Susquehanna River," 2013). The Susquehanna River is approximately 444 miles long. ("Susquehanna River," 2013). The Susquehanna River’s tributaries including Chemung, Lackawanna, and West Branch of the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers drain 27,570 square miles. ("Susquehanna River," 2013). The Susquehanna River valley was significant as a land route to the Ohio River and later…show more content…
(Queensland Government, 2013). Many people are forced to leave their homes, normal living is disrupted. (Queensland Government, 2013). Other human effects of flooding include disruption to supplies of clean water, electricity, transportation, communication, health care and education. (Queensland Government, 2013). All of these effects can lead to stress and for some people the psychological impacts can take a long time to overcome. (Queensland Government,…show more content…
Assistance with funding the installation of levees, making grants available and having community fundraisers will help assist in accomplishing the goals of this plan. Support of The Department of Environmental Protection will help to institute recommended guidelines pertaining to flooding prevention and protection of the environment from flooding. Anthropogenic impacts on river flooding are visible in changed river management practices. (Daniel, Florax & Rietveld, 2009). Examples of urbanization that increases the risk of river floods include construction in floodplains, channel straightening, building of dikes, and construction activity generating impermeable surfaces includes transport infrastructure and residential areas. The Susquehanna River is the most flood prone river on the Eastern seaboard however flooding is a nationwide issue. This issue needs to be taken seriously and communities repeatedly devastated by flooding need to take a stand and respond to the negative impacts of flooding and join together to support this cause and help to prevent future flooding that affects our communities as well as our environment. Our local, county, state and federal governments need to join together with these communities and work together to implement the above sustainability plan to prevent future devastation from river

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