Summary Of Guns Germs And Steel Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 This section starts off with the chapter that explains the trends of the concepts of hot, flat, and crowded. Friedman defines these terms and explains how the three causes the problems to the energy supply, mainly oil, and how they lead to global warming. Also he talks about how these problems affect the world’s economic growth and security. o Chapter 5 The next chapter is about the energy supply and demand. He talks about how China and India have a growing middle class they are wanting the same things as the American middle class. This growing want and need by these countries increases the level of strain on the natural resources. He also says the United States needs to be the role model for these countries and find more sustainable way for growth. o Chapter 6…show more content…
He explains that as the global need for oil grows it puts more money in the pockets of the oil producing countries. He has a great “law” in this chapter that says that as oil prices increases the amount of freedom decreases. I found this very interesting just because the measure of freedom can be very subjective and it depends on what a person’s view of freedom is. He also tries to say that the increase of money in these countries fuels more terrorism. Which is another subjective idea because any country becomes richer would almost everything increase? He uses all these facts to explain why the world, mainly the U.S., needs to reduce the need for
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