Summary Of Chapter 7 Of Mice And Men

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Chapter 7: `Of Mice and Men` The early evening sun began to fade in the bunkhouse. Dust particles danced in the beam of light that slowly crept back along the floor. The afternoon’s events now seemed like a distant memory. The shadows in the room slowly retreated into every corner of the bunkhouse. George sat on his bunk holding Lennie`s denim jacket. Sadness held his face and tears fell helplessly from his eyes. Slim shuffled a deck of cards to and throw. Gracefully, Slim stood up “You hadda George, you just hadda.” Slim`s voice was consoling. “That don’t make it right,” Replied George. “It don’t make it right, but it makes it easier.” Slim was trying to ease George’s pain. “Slim?” George looked deep and searchingly at Slim “Do

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