Strong Women In The Play Tartuffe

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Strong women are always to be admired and this is especially true in a society that does not grant women the same freedoms women experience in the twenty-first century. Dorine and Mariane in Molires play, Tartuffe, represent extremely strong women because they are speaking out against customs that hinder women in many ways. Dorine has an opinion about everything and she is not the least bit inhibited to express those opinions. It is her fierceness that moves her to speak out Orgons ridiculous idea to see Mariane marry Tartuffe. She simply will not let the matter rest and it is her persistence that allows Mariane to realize that she does not and should not have to marry Tartuffe when she is in love with another man. Dorine and Mariane are examples of strong women that defy societal norms and become stronger individuals because of it. They challenge what is simply accepted by other women and demonstrate that women do have voices and deserve to be heard. This inparticluar is something I really enjoyed while reading this play. the entire play represents a clash of reason and feelings. On the one hand, there is a hypocritical but very reasonable Tartuffe who is scheming against…show more content…
It is due to his feelings, Orgon rejects any logical explanation of actions of Tartuffe, he is absolutely unreasonable in his judgments concerning Tartuffe because he is guided by his emotions and feelings. In stark contrast, Tartuffe perfectly understands the power of emotions over Orgon and he uses this weakness for his own benefits. Even when Damis, the son of Orgon, denounces Tartuffe’s plans to seduce Elmire, the wife of Orgon, Tartuffe effectively uses his reason and plays with religious feelings of Orgon admitting the weakness of his spirit. Overall, this was a very enjoyable play to read and review. I was thoroughly entertained
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