Social Care Diploma

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Understand health and safety in social care settings 1.1 Legislation relating to general health and safety includes Health and safety at work act, control of substances hazardous to health (coshh), manual handling and personal protective equipment regulations. 1.2 The procedures help protect those in social care settings by identifying risks correct procedure for reporting incidents and communicating health and safety. 1.3 Social care workers responsibilities include taking reasonable care for your own and others health and safety, report potential and actual hazards and risks, take part in health and safety training and understand and comply with health and safety instructions and procedures. Responsibilities of the manager or employer include to provide safe place to work, assess risks and take action to reduce them, to provide training, to provide welfare and first aid facilities. Responsibilities of others include to understand health and safety procedures to take responsible care for their own and others health and safety. 1.4 Some task should only be carried out with special training these tasks include use of equipment, first aid, medication and food handling and preparation. 1.5 You can get extra support or information relating to H/S from line manager, health and safety executive and environmental health department. 2.1 Hazard or risk is something that could cause a problem if not used in the correct way or manor. 2.2 A risk assessment should be read and used as it will make you aware of any potential risks or hazards and so be able to work in a safe environment. 2.3all potential health and safety risks should be reported to the office and your line manager as soon as possible and notes made to make others aware. 2.4 Risk assessments can help address dilemmas by making people aware of the risks, making people aware
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