Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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Johnathan Edwards Sinners in the hand of an Angry God is an inspiring sermon. He passionately narrates the fall of man and reinforces it with literary examples that the target audience at the time can easily relate to. His message is clear and concise and drives the point home. In this sermon, Edwards uses the narrative aim by describing the “anger” that God possesses toward “sinners”; sinners being the target audience he was preaching to. Before examining the examples he uses, one must first understand to who the sermon was directed. Edwards preached this sermon in the 1700’s to common uneducated people. Keeping in mind the target audience, Edwards uses examples that the people can relate to. An example can be found in the opening line; “your wickedness makes you as it were heavy as lead”. Everyone has the understanding as to the heaviness of lead. Another would be the example to the wrath of God to the “damned waters” that build up and then are let loose. Using these simple examples, Edwards ensures that the target audience understands and can relate to what is said. Edwards narrates the fall of a man thru out the example. He builds upon his message of the sinner’s guilt with each example. Each example is also a little personal to the actual anger of God. In paragraph one, Edwards begins with a slight comparison to the weight and wickedness, and then comparing God’s wrath to the undamed raging waters. Continuing, Edwards takes another step and shows a example of the “bow of God’s wrath”. This metaphor is a significant step from the weight example. Not only is it a more graphical representation, but also a more personal one. The actual manifestation of a bow of God’s wrath with an arrow targeted towards the heart, is an eye opener. Edwards finally tops it off with the metaphor of the spider. “God holds you over the pit of hell, as one holds a spider over
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