Should Bullfights Continue to Be Allowed Today?

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There have always been debates about whether rituals with animals should be allowed nowadays and it is a difficult question because there are many different opinions about it and people do not always agree with each other. Bartle Phil argues that “The simplest definition of culture is that it is composed of everything symbolic that we learn”. It is what we learn from our parents or grandparents. People have always given a big value to culture and traditions and for that reason it is symbolic. It is passed from generation to generation, but it is up to the new generations if they want to follow it or not. Culture is important but not all traditions are completely right, as for example bullfighting. I myself attended just one bullfight in my life, and that was only to get a sense of the bull's suffering. Bullfighting is cruel, against animal welfare, and day by day there are less people in favor of bullfighting which make me think that it should not be allowed nowadays. People should respect culture because it is what we are, but not all traditions are accepted for everybody because of the cruel treatment on animals, as for example bullfighting. During the fight, they exhaust and frustrate them by running in circles and tricking them to collision. Afterwards, they throw lances into the bulls´ back and neck muscles to weaken them, and finally, the toreros try to kill them with their sword. According to WSPA, the weapons that toreros use are designed to cause intense pain and blood loss to weaken the animal. All these methods are cruel and inhumane. Do they deserve that? Just for entertainment? Traditional practices with animals are not appropriate and maybe people should do something in order to change their minds about these popular activities which could be beginning with education. Gabriela Garza Muñoz, who is education and media coordinator, would support that

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