Shoe Horn Sonata Essay

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1. How do qualities of distinctive images create interest and draw us into the experiences of others? In your response, refer to your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing. Thesis /Introduction The use of powerful visual imagery in both John Misto’s play The Shoehorn Sonata and the film The Hurt Locker By Kathryn Bigelow introduce responders to situations where people are exposed to harsh and challenging experiences. From these texts responders understand that humans can become very brutal during times of war. Responders also learn that humans can use friendship in order to assist people to survive and cope with brutality. Both texts engage responders through visual imagery to understand that war creates circumstances were people become brutal in the play the women were subjected to brutal treatment at the hands of the Japanese and in the film the brutality occurs on both sides of conflict. This can be seen in the play Slides are projected onto a screen at the rear of the stage – photographs of the evacuation of 13th February 1942 images of women and children boarding ships clutching toys and waving goodbye its hard to believe from their happy faces and smiles that they are soon to be the victims of history’s worst massacre. Through the use of contrasting images of their goodbyes coupled with noun massacre responders understand that the women were subjected to harsh treatment The use of the sound of gun fire combined with the cries of women on the soundtrack in the studio are again strong representations of the horror of their experiences Bridie speaks about Vivien Bullwinkle who survived and says “My friends weren’t a threat they were only there to help people ill never understand what the japs had to shoot them” the verb “shoot” conveys a strong image of those women experiences as does what Bridie also says “Die many women did….
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