Shelley X Keats - English Literature

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Unigranrio Jordan Wallace Anjos da Silva Gilliard de Carvalho Assumpção P.B Shelley X John Keats P.B Shelley and John Keats were the most important authors from the Younger Generation of English Romantic Poets in the Nineteenth century. Dedicating their lives to poetry, they both contributed, body and soul, to the creation of poems that marked a whole generation in England. This essay aims to present major similarities and dissimilarities between these young poem writers. Both Shelley and Keats are comparable in some respects; they died at their late twenties, one died from drowning and the other of Tuberculoses. The exploration of intense passions, themes of death and the political radicalism are explored in their poems. Moreover, they became known as the Tragic Romantic artists. Despite these similarities, there are a number of marked differences in their lives. Keats was born in a lower-middle-class family; He sees the nature as a soft object. The beauty of nature, the relation between imagination and creativity, the response of the passions to beauty and suffering, and finally the upholding of beauty and truth through the poetry are preserved in his poems. In contrast, Shelley was born into a wealthy family; He sees the nature as a Dynamic object. Most of his poems about art rely on metaphor of nature as their means of expression. He also embraced the ideals of liberty and equality from the French Revolution at an early age. In his poems, he tends to invoke nature as a sort of supreme metaphor for beauty, creativity and expression, different from Keats which considered the nature as sort of supreme personification for beauty, etc. In conclusion, John Keats can be seen as genuine artist whilst Percy Bysshe Shelley is seen as a pure philosopher and a reformer. Through all their contribution, a lot was changed in the history of the English poetry.
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