Shakespeare's Macbeth and Browning's Porphyria's Lover and Laboratory Essay

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Shakespeare uses language, structure and dramatic devices to convey and create the effect of strong emotions through his ambitious characters, which is similarly portrayed in laboratory with the narrator’s strong and bitter emotions towards her husband’s infidelity. These characters can also be compared to the narrator of Porphyria’s lover whose intense emotions of love become too overwhelming for him to handle. Both Shakespeare and Browning show Elizabethan society as patriarchal, where men were considered to be the leaders and women subservient. Women were regarded as the weaker sex not just in terms of physical strength, but also emotionally. Women were also depicted as kind and caring as well as being the perfect mother and housewife, on the other hand men were portrayed as brave, strong and loyal. However, these portrayals of both genders are far from the main characters of Browning’s poems Laboratory and Porphyria’s lover, as well as Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. The domineering and ruthless speakers such as the narrator of the Laboratory together with Porphyria’s Lover along with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth play the most important roles in representing Shakespeare and Browning’s strong-willed speakers. The tragedy Macbeth is a play centered on the theme of the corrupting power of unchecked ambition. The play is set in a violent, male dominated era where men were expected to be strong, brave and able to take control while women were kind, nurturing and feminine. However these roles are subverted in particular to Lady Macbeth, as she is manipulative, strong and persuasive while Macbeth is portrayed as weak and easily manipulated by his wife. Porphyria’s Lover and Laboratory are both poems, which deal with the crimes of passion. One of Browning’s earliest dramatic monologues in Porphyria’s Lover centers on the delusions of an obsessive and emotionally

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