Rules of the Game, by Amy Tan

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Student I.D #260483 Morgan Osburn English 101 22 August 2012 Rules of the Game This is the story about a Chinese girl, her mother named her after the street that they lived on: Waverly Place Jong, but her family called mher Meimei.“little Sister”. her older brother Vincent got a chess set as Christmas gift from the church. Waverly used to watch her brothers play chess and she begged between the game to let her play. Waverly learned the rules of game by herself using the dictionary. She played with Lau Po,an old man in the park near her home. By the end of summer he had taught her all that he knew about chess. Waverly won all the games she played. By her ninth birthday she was a national chess champion. She was still 429 points away from grand master status. One day when Waverly was doing shopping with her mom , her mom said to whoever looked her way “this is my daughter Waverly Jong” for this Waverly felt her mom was using her to show off which she felt embarrassed about, this made her mother very angry and when Waverly went back home at the dinner table her mother said we are not concerned about this girl when she is not concerned about us to this Waverly got angry and shut herself inside her room later she came out and said I’m not going to play chess anymore and for many days she did not, one day she comes up to her mom and says I think I will start playing chess again and, her mother says you think it is so easy again. When Waverly starts playing she is not confident as before and losses the game. Tan,Amy.”Rules of the Game”. The Norton Anthology of short Fiction Ed. Richard Bausch .New York : W.W.Norton and company,2006.1423-1430, print. On a cold spring afternoon ,while walking home from school Waverly saw group of old men and she ran home and bought Vincent’s chessboard to the park and approached a man and said “want to

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