Rhododendron , River And Kathmandu

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MANOJ BHATTARAI ENGLISH 100-02 18th FEBRUARY, 2009 “Metaphor paper” Peers feedback –onto action Rhododendron, River and Kathmandu I still remember it was mid-90. Until, I remember, had some wonderful memories back from Terhathum, Eastern, Nepal when I was a village kid and typical village kid who was so much with rural part of eastern Nepal. I was innocent child but excited for nothing. The stormy day in my life also came bringing a kind of excitement and change in my life. The single slap from my grand father taught me a lesson to obey seniors and listen to them. Since, I have started to follow what parents said and do it. I was turned black, stubborn and turn volatile in front of my grand father that day. Also, I dreamed a lot big of storms in my days but that single slap was areal storm which changed the whole morale of my life. Back on those gloomy monsoon days, I used to dream about my life at city. I thought cities were some next planet where genius and rich people lived and I was happy that my father was in Kathmandu. So that he would take me there with him after I grow some more years at village. I dreamed visiting a town. I planned something that would make me funny and pass time. But finally it turned like whistle, big dangerous wave of storm coming towards me. It was monsoon season; everybody was busy on farming and ploughing. But I had some lovely time watching my family member’s worrying. I had some other friends who used to play with me. Suddenly I decided to see some rhododendrons the way to river named “Khorunga”. ‘Khorunga’ used to be right down the hill where our farm was...But on the top of the hill used to be beautiful, red flowers -Rhododendrons .I liked those flowers and wanted to get them. Eventually, I exaggerated my friends with me that the way to rhododendron was same way to river and Kathmandu. After few time I was jumping off
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