Reflection Paper; Jesus: the Missing History

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REFLECTION PAPER Last November 13, 2014, our section watched a Discovery Channel Documentary entitled “Jesus: The Missing History” that was hosted by a biblical scholar Kent Dobson. The documentary focuses on the truthfulness of what is written in the Bible regarding the life of Jesus Christ. The documentary has this strong impact on me that the same questions that the speaker, Kent Dobson, have in his mind. Since I was a child I have cling to the Bible verse in John 20:29 saying “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.” This line was said by Jesus Christ to His disciple Thomas when he doubted the resurrection of Christ. And after having the same questions as Kent Dobson and, somehow, the same doubt as disciple Thomas has I have cling more to the Bible verse in John 20:29. Aside from that, life of Jesus Christ is written in the Holy Bible which, according to Institute for Creation Research online article, is historically testable. Moreover, the Institute for Creation Research stated on their article entitled Biblical Data are Historically Testable that there were these two of the greatest 20th-century archaeologists named William F. Albright and Nelson Glueck who both lauded the Bible as being the single most accurate source document from history. And even though the two archaeologists were non-Christian and secular in their training and personal beliefs, they emphasize that the Bible has been found to be accurate in its places, dates, and records of events and that no other “religious” document comes even close. People who have not lived during the times when Jesus Christ was making miracles and preaching about Father Almighty can doubt His existence and works for they are humans. And it is up to one’s selves on how they are going to live their faith. Nowadays, there are too many discoveries that can lead people to false belief and wrong way

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