Quiet Talks on Prayer

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Book Critique: Quiet Talks on Prayer A Paper Submitted to Dr. Desmond O'Neill In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course EVAN 670: Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare. By Darrell Williams Liberty Theological Seminary May 24, 2014 Gordon, S. D. Quiet Talks on Prayer. U. S. A.: Destiny Image Inc., 2003. SUMMARY S.D. Gordon’s book Quiet Talks on Prayer is ideally divided into four sections; the meaning and mission of prayer, hindrance to prayer, how to pray, and Jesus habits of prayer. Each section consists of 3 to 5 chapters detailing information relevant to each section. In the first section entitled The Meaning and Mission of Prayer, Gordon discusses how prayer is the way we communicate and receive power from God. The inlet for that power is the Holy Spirit which is in control. He details five outlets of power in which God reveals Himself and his power to us. These outlets are through: life what we are, lip’s in what we speak, our service in what we do, our finances and prayers. Prayer is a deciding factor in a spiritual conflict which is fought on earth and. Gordon states “man is the spirit being; an embodied spirit being. He has a body and a mind. He is the spirit. His real conflicts are of the spirit sort; in the spirit realm, with other spirit beings.” To have intercourse with God he has provided us with three forms of prayer. The first form of prayer is communion, which is fellowship with God, the second is petition, asking for something for one's self, and a third form is intercession, reaching out to God on behalf of others. Six facts underlying prayer is discussed. Beginning with God sovereign rule over the earth, God transferring dominion of the Earth to man, man transferring dominion to someone else, how Satan has dominion over the earth, God's eagerness to return the Earth to its original form, and how God's
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