Pvc Debate Essay

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PVC cling film is mainly used in the packaging industry because its properties make it a very useful material. PVC cling film can protect against contamination by helping to prevent the spread of bacteria during manufacture, distribution and display. The PVC cling film has features of high temperature and cold temperature resistance therefore, allowing the product to keep its freshness and provides a long time of storage. This makes it better than alternatives such as polythene for microwave cooking because it can soften at a higher temperature. In most supermarkets, plasticised PVC is used to cover meat as it can preserve the freshness of the meat as the cling film has high oxygen and water vapour transportation. PVC cling film is also widely used by commercial meat wrappers, because it is resistant to handling due to their good elastic recovery and puncture resistance as a result of the plasticisers being added to soften the plastic and give it elasticity and flexibility. It is also used as the cling film is able to maintain the bright red colour of the meat better than other plastics. In order for the cling film to be able to cling, PVC requires up to 30% of plasticisers but despite their being perceived risks food packaging companies say that these have passed safety tests and the cling film is easily heat-sealed. On the other hand, some plasticisers hat are used such as DEHA (diethyllhexyl adipate) is a food-compatible phthalate plasticiser and tiny amounts may migrate into fatty foods such as cheese and meat, particularly when heating in a microwave oven so it is a good solvent for the plasticiser. When the cling film is produced or burned, it releases dioxins, which is believed to cause cancer and harm the immune and reproductive system. There have been studies which have shown plasticisers such as phthalates transferring out of PVC cling film therefore

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