Progressive Era Analysis

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joe mama Hist Discussion analysis 2 On comparing my analysis with your analysis I did not add the intro to what led to the progressive era. The government papered and nurtured business. They passed laws like the hatch act. Favorable court decisions, military interventions to break strikes. All amount to incredible federal and state welfare extended to business. I did not mention the rise of the socialist party and how they wanted to change business regulations. I did mention as you did that it was the era of the middle class and upper middle class. Between 1894 and 1897 the municipal reform movement erupted across the nation and the middle class became commissions or city managers governments. What I didn’t mention that you did was that it was the social gospel that moved the middle class…show more content…
That required the government to regulate business. I did not mention this but I did state that he raised the public health acting the pure food and drug act and the meat inspection armaments to the agriculture appropriations act. These ties into what you stated. I didn’t have down that catalyst to this era was the behaver of business as seen in events as the triangle fire, and economic traumas of the panics of 1873&”93. The reigning in the abuses of the powerful (exposed by the muckrakers) energized the movement. I had down that helping in the progression era progress where the muckrakers. they were the tabloids of their time and called out everybody they had news on . and made people want to get involved. I also didn’t have the fact that cultures could be “enlightened” by contact with America seemed self-evident to the progressives. I think we both agreed that there was an underling conviction that assured access to the markets of the world was essential to long term property and that possession of outlying territories was one of the hallmarks of
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