President Hoover & Rdquo: Link To The Great Depression

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President Hoover’s name is forever linked to the Great Depression. His name was used for many objects. A “Hoover wagon” was a car that was pulled by mules because it didn’t run. The “Hoover hog” was the jackrabbit that poor people ate because they could not afford to buy pork. When men turned their pockets inside out, they called it a “Hoover flag.” People used cardboard to line their shoes, hence the name “Hoover leather.” Lastly, the newspaper that was used to keep warm was called the “Hoover Blanket.” Hoovervilles also taunted President Hoover’s name (Hoovervilles 719). People built these shanty towns during the 1930’s. Where were Hoovervilles located,…show more content…
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