Persuasive Essay on Why Nukes Shouldent Be in Some Countries

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Why Countries Shouldn’t Have Nukes In the past there have been many reports of nuclear activity over the years. Terrorists have been attacking nuclear futilities all around the world. Previously terrorists attacked a nuclear facility in Russia to steal enough uranium to make a nuke that could hurt millions of people. Today we have newer technology that could hurt us more than help us. This is why I think we shouldn’t have nukes in some countries of the world. There could be a potential world war III all from one nuke. For example the launching of a big out right war using nuclear war heads against Iran has activated drawing boards of the pentagon since 2005. Since 2005 we have been at war with Iran. This has turned into a pre world war three shaking countries all over the world. This shows if it were to be carried out it would be called a no fly under NATO so we will get specific information on military targets. This is important because at minimal the nuke could cause a collateral damage so we have a limited type explosive called the punitive bomber for a non radiation substitute. Although Iran is on are backs we also have a global warfare! This shows that the broader objective of GMD was the first formality under an administration. This also shows that we are dealing with a global military agenda also called global warfare. As a result of this the PNACs declared objectives where to (“fight and decisively win multiple simultaneous major theater wars! In different regions of the world as when performed the so called military”.)(Polocioce) In America we have around 350 nuclear weapons deployed in six European NATO member states. Although we have these risks we have signed a treaty called the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Now we have nuclear weapons all over the world and there are tones of dangers and risks. This shows that we need to be on

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