Persuasive Essay On Mountaintop Removal

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Ashley Judd describes mountaintop removal as “environmental genocide” (“Mountain Top Coal Removal Mining”, 2010, para. 4). Being raised in Eastern Kentucky, Ashley Judd has come to know, and loathe, mountaintop removal. It tears families from their beloved homes that made them a family in the first place. It kills innocent animals and damages ecosystems for miles and miles. Since it is a concentrated environmental danger, not many know about it. Due to these horrors, Ashley Judd decided to speak out against mountaintop removal at the National Press Club conference in Washington, D.C. in 2010. She is trying to get mountaintop removal on the map alongside pollution and global warming. She has set out to protect her homeland and publicly oppose…show more content…
A lot of people just know her as a famous actress that is an avid UK basketball fan, but she is a lot more than just that. Judd was originally born in California in 1968. Her mother was from Ashland, Kentucky and when Ashley was 5 years old they travelled back to Kentucky where she would spend the remainder of her childhood. She would eventually attend the University of Kentucky, major in French, and be a Kappa Kappa Gamma. She still comes to basketball games and even sits in the student section on occasion. Needless to say, she is a genuine Kentucky girl through and through. Although she currently resides in Tennessee, she has claimed “Kentucky calls to me. It is my Avalon.” (“Mountain Top Coal Removal Mining”, 2010, para. 1). Her background as an actress has created a pedestal where she can voice her opinions and be heard. Although Judd advocates many different humanitarian organizations and causes, mountaintop removal hits closest to home for her. It is only natural that she stood in front of the press and politicians to speak out against mountaintop removal. During her speech, the main theme she spoke about was the well being of the Appalachian families affected by this type of coal mining. She emphasized how few people know about mountaintop removal and her vision that we can all band together and eventually put an end to

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