Personal Response- Mother Who Gave Me Life.

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Personal Response- Gwen Harwood- “Mother who gave me life” The poem “Mother who gave me life” utilises Harwood’s personal experiences along with reflection of human history to the self-sacrifice of motherhood. The diminishment of a mother’s relationship with her daughter, is made everlasting through the nurturing role of “motherhood” that is rooted deep into human instinct. Individual experience is portrayed by Harwood through the more personal tones of reflection and nostalgia, personal pronouns express the intimate and deep connection between mother and daughter “Forgive me the wisdom I would not learn from you” the authentic contemplation on Harwood’s behalf shines a light on the universal truisms that come with motherhood. The cyclical imagery “women bearing women…for the wild daughters becoming women” suggests Harwood’s recognition of the generations and history of women, through exploring the history of motherhood, Harwood conveys the universal truisms which remain timeless and relevant to today’s and future’s society. The reflection on the continuity of motherhood through the maternal line “your mother, and hers and beyond” expresses the accumulation of motherhood throughout time, the sibilance of “speech growing stranger” evokes the mystical mood of an ancient past. This is later reinforced by Harwood through her imagery reminiscent of time “seasons burning backward in time…guileless milk of the world” emphasising the everlasting rawness of motherhood back to the pre-historic origins of time. Harwood returns to a more personal tone, connoting the acknowledgement of the cyclic nature of motherhood “at our last meeting…saw your face crumple…then somehow smooth to a smile” the imagery resonates with the audience as the universal truism of the sacrifice a mother endures in order to comfort and console her child. Harwood’s biblical allusion to “my father’s
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