Pathogenic Diseases Essay

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PATHOGENIC DISEASES A pathogenic or an infectious disease is caused by an external infectious agent or pathogen such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. These pathogens are found in water, soil and air and a human body can be infected from drinking, eating or touching something infected with germs. The table below shows examples of pathogenic diseases. VIRUSES | BACTERIA | PROTOZOA | FUNGI | Influenza | Tuberculosis | Toxoplasmosis | Yeast | Herpes | Gonorrhea | Malaria | Ringworm | HIV | syphilis | Sleeping Sickness | Mushrooms | Some of the symptoms of pathogenic diseases are; fever, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, diarrhea, rapid pulse, high blood pressure, rash, vesicles (blisters). These diseases can be treated by doctor, a good physicians and medicine. Depending on the causes of theses pathogenic disease some of the treatment are Antibiotics for bacterial, antiviral for viral and anti-fungal for fungal infections are used. DEFICIENCY DISEASE A deficiency disease is caused by a deficiency of vital nutrients in the diet, especially a mineral or vitamin. The disease could be as a result of an insufficient intake of nutrients, their digestion, their absorption or their utilization within the body. A nutritional disease is normally connected to chronic malnutrition. Examples of deficiency diseases are Iron, Beriberi, pellagra anemia scurvy and rickets. Acute poisoning can also result from excessive intake of certain nutrients. DEFICIENCY DISEASE | SYMPTOMS | TREATMENT | KWASHIORKOR | Irritability and Fatigue | Fluids and Antibiotics | ANAEMIA | * Tiredness * Lack of energy * Brittle nails * Swelling or soreness of the tongue. | A change in diet, eat food that is rich in vitamin C, blood transfusion if it is severe and treatment to stop the bleeding. | SCURVY | * Soft, tender bleeding gums * Bleeding of

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