Pa 205 Unit 2 Assignment Essay

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UNIT 2 ASSIGMENT 1 Who enacted this statute? Answer: This statute was enacted by the legislature of New Mexico, because statutes are laws enacted by a federal or a state legislature. 2. Is this statutory mandatory or discretionary? What causal term in the statute helped you answer this question? Answer: It is mandatory statutory because statutes are law enacted by state legislature and they are primary authority, I don’t find any causal term on my reading. 3. According to this statute, what are the three ways that a person can be denied unemployment benefits in New Mexico? Answer: 1 if the party left employment voluntary without excuses. 2 If the party was quit for an inappropriate conduct. 3 If the party has denied employment that was offered without good cause, or referred to accept suitable work when offered. & .9$ Must a person do all three things to be disqualified from receiving benefits, or is it enough that they only do one of the listed things? Answer: An individual possibly will not have violate all three violations to be disqualified, but must have violated at least one of the statute. What term in the statute helped you answer this question? Answer: The casual term “or” was place in consideration and help me answer the question. 4. Are there any exceptions to this statute? If so, which of the three ways of being denied unemployment compensation do the exceptions apply to? Answer: Yes, they are exceptions to the statute 1- Pregnancy or the termination of a pregnancy. 2- Domestic abuse in which was documented by either medical, legal, or a sworn statement from the claimant. 3- If voluntarily left work to relocate due to a spouse, who is active military, New Mexico National Guard, or receiving orders of permanent change of

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