Native American Art Form

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A person who is uniformed on the subject of Native American art may conjure up images of child like forms on the walls of caves. They may also not knowo that there is no word in any Native American language that translates to the English word art. Types and styles of art can change drastically in any genre depending on the geographic region. Native American art is no different. This paper will investigate and overview the symbology, form, and technique of the native tribes indigenous to the Northwest coast of the United States and the East coast of Canada. This area will here on be called the Northwest. In the world of Native American art everything that is currently considered an art form by modern standards had a very real and practical…show more content…
The main elements that make up a work by a northwest artist include form line, ovoids and inner ovoids, u forms and split u forms, and finally s forms. These are terms that are used by Cheryl Shearar, Hilary Stewart, and Bill Holm. The main component of northwest coast Native American art is form line. The bold form lines of this style lead your eye through the works connecting each piece to everything else. “The importance of line cannot be overestimated. In two-dimensional art and in painting a flowing line usually begins as a fine narrow line, wells out and returns to a narrow line. The line may trace the outline of the form and then become part of the form itself. This technique provides a rhythmic movement in decorated flat surfaces and emphasizes planes and contours in wood sculpture. ” Robert Bruce Inveratity describes the movement as “rhythmic” but trancing seems like a much better adjective. If the form line were handled differently these works would not have the same effect on the viewer. For example if the works possessed more angular features as opposed to the organic then there would be different words in this paper. For further explanation an example of a dogfish broken down into the form line alone can be viewed as figure…show more content…
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