Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Chapter 1 Summary

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Analysis of the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Chapter 1: Fredric Douglass begins his narrative by placing his birth in Tuckahoe, Talbot county, Maryland. He does not know how old he is because his masters have deliberately kept it from him. Growing up, this made Douglass very unhappy. It is generally acknowledged that his father is a white man, even rumored to be his master, Captain Anthony, who is a harsh man that owns three farms and thirty slaves. Douglass witnesses his first whipping of which Anthony whip's his aunt Hester. His mother's name is Harriet Bailey. Douglass recalls having met his mother several times, but only during the night. She would make the trip from her farm twelve miles away just to spend a little time…show more content…
Douglass expresses his feelings toward Baltimore in the proverb that "being hanged in England is preferable to dying a natural death in Ireland"(31). This allusion helps the readers better understand Douglass' excitement in departing to Baltimore. It conveys the idea that Baltimore is the better of the two evils. Douglass claims that "it is possible, and even quite probable, that from that plantation to Baltimore, I should have today, instead of being here seated by my own table, in the enjoyment of freedom and the happiness of home, writing this narrative, been confined in the galling chains of slavery"(33). This statement helps the readers to understand that going to Baltimore was the first step for Douglass to freedom and prosperity. Also through the uses of personification --"the galling chains of slavery"-- Douglass expresses the reality that to slaves freedom was a close to impossible dream, thus stressing the importance of Douglass' move to Baltimore. Through the use of allusions and personification Douglass expresses the influence that being moved to Baltimore had on his

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