Multicultural Spaghetti Essay

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Multi-Cultural Spaghetti America is known as the land of the free and home of the brave. The connection most people would associate with the word brave would refer to soldiers, but this is a great misconception. America has one of the largest immigrant populations in the world. People come from around the world to these shores to try to obtain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These immigrants leave whatever attachments, jobs, or possessions they might have back in their home country. This in itself is a courageous act of bravery. In the story “Brave We Are”, by Tahira Naqvi she tells the tales of an immigrant Pakistani-American mother who is trying to define a challenging word, hybrid, without overstepping cultural and acceptable boundaries in American society. The young boy, Kosim, is intrigued by the word hybrid that he discovered on his own accord. The mother tries to give a general answer, “Its sort of a miniature combination of different sorts of things,” (Naqvi 978) this answer does not even come close to satisfying the inquiry of the boy. The mother is focused on letting her son know what the word means without inciting questions that he is too young to receive an answer to. All children I have encountered in my life exhibit this trait of limitless curiosity. As this quest to properly and safely define the word hybrid continues, many cultural elements come into play. Her older son Haider is singing an American song, Susie Q, word for word but she recalls when she tried to get him to learn Urdu, “the words are too hard” (Naqvi 980). Naqvi is brave because she is raising a Pakistani family in America, but she still has the responsibility to maintain their native culture. This conception of the mixture of cultures resounds in her sons’ next question, “does that mean Mary is also a hybrid?” (Naqvi 980). This question alarms the

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