Mountain Top Removal Analysis

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The Struggles of Mountain Top Removal The United States of America’s dependency on coal has become irresponsible and the method by which it attains its high amounts of usage is being overlooked by the vast majority of the American public. Mountain Top Removal; its name is the method’s literal practice. This process is obviously very efficient in terms of production, as it has quickly become a leading extraction method of coal throughout Appalachia. The positive economic value of the coal industry and their advances in extraction methods are greatly outweighed by the negative effects of these advances. Whether considering the detrimental health aspects or the degradation of the beautiful Appalachian region environmentally, this issue causes…show more content…
Environmentally, Appalachia is among the nation’s most biologically diverse areas. All of the blasting and the scarring of the Earth with heavy machinery destroy this diversity for future generations. Through their lack of respect for the land and the people that come with it, a lot of people have died. Deep Down, was a film that featured a community that was directly affected by the coal industry. A main character, Terry, was an older middle aged man who worked for himself and built everything he needed on his families land. When the coal companies approached him about strip mining his land, he was left with a difficult decision because his business was not producing like it had in the past. A serious consideration in his decision was whether his house could withstand the blasts that the coal companies would need in order to mine the land to its fullest. In response to his indecision, the surrounding community of his friends, neighbors, and peers held nothing against him while fighting the rights of the coal company to attack their land. Beverly, arguably one of Terry’s best friends was a lead organizer against the coal companies, and they did not argue much over this incident. This speaks to the high social capital that is in Appalachia, and the way the mountains have helped this community grow into overall good people. Beverly took the responsibility of leading the majority of the community against the coal company and they were successful. This properly sums together the amount of civic responsibility that Beverly felt that she had making this a great community held together by the love of their land. In the film, Burning the Future, negative health aspects were recognized directly relating to mountain top removal. Most shocking of all of the detriments to health in Appalachia was the affect that mining had on the natural
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