Monsoon Wedding Essay

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Erang Wei Professor Khatun ENG 1021 27th Dec. 2012 Monsoon Wedding Review It is pretty hard for an Asian movie to have an influence in western countries. The film has to be a masterpiece, otherwise it’s difficult to qualify for an award, such as the Academy Awards. However, the film “Monsoon Wedding”, directed by Indian director, Mira Nair, was so honored that it won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2002. The story is set in India and is about a modern upper-middle class in Delhi, which is a city full of history and old traditions. The daughter of the Verma family accepts the groom, who she didn’t know before, when she ended the affair with a married TV producer. Besides the main line, the “Monsoon Wedding” has some other real life dramas interwoven through it to make this film become more impressive and special. At the beginning, the film didn’t intrigue me so well. However, chaos happened in this big family, which more and more attracted the audience. The family's rich friend Rajat Kapoor, has been found guilty of raping Aditi’s cousin when her cousin was a child, the wedding planner has a secret love with the maid and so on. All of these complex human relationships make this whole story seem very authentic. It leaves us with deep thoughts about different cultures and different attitude about social class. One thing that intrigued me so much was the different attitudes on sex or emotion between different classes in India. In the movie, we learn that the wedding planner is a poor and unsophisticated person who is from the low class. His secret love with the maid is just dismal. He is even too shy to look directly at the girl he loves. And the plot doesn’t even mention anything about any emotional love or sex between them. However, in the Verma family, which is in the upper-middle class of Indian society, we notice that there are a lot of
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