Mongols And Globalization Essay

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The Mongols and Globalization The Mongol conquests effected peoples far and wide. The trade routes and the exchange of goods, ideas, philosophies, and new technologies changed how all societies lived, even the ones that were not on the verge of Mongol takeover. Just the fear of a possible Mongol battle changed the way a society went about their daily lives. The information that traveled along trade routes, such as the Silk Road, allowed societies to become more advanced and enlightened, even though with it came war and destruction brought on by the Mongols. The Mongol conquests of Eurasia allowed globalization to spread across the land, through the peoples, and on the backs of horses (Shaffer). The barbarian Mongols provided the last period of great cultural cross-fertilization before the modern age. Even though the Mongol conquests were viewed as a bad thing, the information that was allowed to pass through the many different societies, because of the conquests, was invaluable. It allowed for…show more content…
The Mongols were using firework displays during ceremonial occasions, delighting European visitors who saw for them for the first time when encounters with the Mongols took place. The cannon, and subsequently the cannon ball; common weaponry that comes to mind when thinking about early American warfare, were first produced by weapon makers in the Yuan Empire (Shaffer). The device featured a projectile that completely filled the mouth of the cannon and thus concentrated the explosive force outward towards the target or in the case of warfare, the enemy. While Mongol expansion never physically reached the shores of the Americas, it is clear that because the roads of communication were opened for most of Eurasia all of the ideas and technologies were able to spread across oceans eventually entering the “New World” long after Mongol rule was
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