Measure Of Poverty In Canada

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To the Editor: Poverty is the inability to obtain the necessities of life. In Canada, we measure poverty by the Low Income Cut-Off line (LICO). According to Stats Canada, LICO represents an income threshold where a family is likely to spend 20% more of its income on food, shelter and clothing than the average family, leaving less income available for other expenses. Canada is a wealthy country… yet 3.5 million Canadians live in Poverty. According to the LICO rates in 2011, poverty troubles mainly seniors, aboriginals, and single parents. In Canada, Social assistance falls well below the poverty line and fails miserably to provide adequate income for even a moderate standard living. We should ALL try living on such measly income for a month…. Maybe then we would be more sympathetic for those whom live under the poverty line. There comes a time when people grow old and are not physically capable of handling tasks in the work force. Most people hope to retire around the age of 65, however it can be extremely difficult to live if you don`t have money saved up. One in five Canadians is worried about being able to cover basic living expenses in retirement. Although the Canadian government does have pension plans, it is not nearly enough to support the essential needs of the retired people.…show more content…
Government must tackle poverty by increasing minimum wage and social assistance so that families can begin to save money and get ahead. Free daycare services should be provided through the government for families living in poverty. Suitable, accessible and affordable housing and food security must be made available for every Canadian. Only when one is NOT simply struggling to survive, can one give back to one’s community and country. The government needs to step up. Canadians need to step up! Poverty concerns all of us. Poverty can and must BE

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