Marigolds Essay

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Price Of Justice In Marigolds by Eugenia Collier, the theme is justice. In this story one of the main characters Lizabeth is very rude, immature, and disturbing to an elderly Indian heritage lady. This woman is one that doesn’t have much, and what she does have, she admires very much, which would be her Marigolds.. Lizabeth and her friends love to pick on Miss Lottie. When Miss Lottie Passes away, she regrets everything she ever did to Miss Lottie. In this story Lizabeth is very rude, for example when her and her friends pick on Miss Lottie, Lizabeth doesn’t care how it makes Miss Lottie feel. When they are hiding behind the bushes throwing stones at the Marigold’s, they think it’s funny, and something “cool” to do. Quote, “we had to annoy her by whizzing a pebble into her flowers, or by yelling a dirty word, then dancing away from her rage.” (79) Next, Lizabeth is very immature in this story, for example, when Lizabeth’s parents are arguing. Lizaebeth get’s tired of hearing it. She get’s out of bed, wakes up her brother, goes over to Miss Lottie’s, and destroys all of her marigold’s, but during this she gets caught, and when Miss Lottie caught her she acted like nothing had happened, and she’d done nothing wrong. “M-miss Lottie”, “I scrambled to my feet and just stood there and stared at her.”(84) Third, Lizabeth is a very disturbing girl in this story, for example when her and her friends go to Miss Lottie’s and Miss Lottie is working outside, in her garden, and the kid’s pick on her. There is no need for them to bother such a quite, kept to herself lady. Miss Lottie is very quiet, and kept to herself, and never bothers a soul. Quote “We crept to the edge of the bushes that bordered the narrow road in front of Miss Lottie’s place. She was working placidly, kneeling over the flowers. “Zing” and expertly aimed stone cut the head off one of
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