Managing Information Systems Essay

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[pic] MAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS TITLE: RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MIS APPLICATION IN D&D ENTERPRISES FOR THE REMOTE WORKFORCE MBA BANKING &FINANCE: UNIVERSITY OF WALES STUDENT NUMBER: KCB 10017 KENSINGTON COLLEGE OF BUSINESS NAME OF LECTURE: C.DIEDERICKS SUBMISSION DATE: 09 – 12- 2010 TO: THE DIRECTOR AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER D&D ENTERPRISES FROM: STUDENT NUMBER 10017 REPORT TITLE: RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MIS APPLICATION IN D&D ENTERPRISES FOR THE REMOTE WORKFORCE 1.1 Introduction This report Recommendations for Management information Systems The business envirment today is globalised and very competitive, The term managing information is subjective, there is no specific definition, it is synonymous with computer ased processing data, Kelly has defined it as “the combination of human and computer based resources that results in collection, storage, retrieval, communication and use of data for the purpose of efficient management of operation and for business planning” (Lucey) Recommendations Management support systems are the supportive systems which are very useful to the organisation,they should be put into place this includes the following Decision support system (DSS) This are mainly used to support managers in their work. They do a lot mre thanm normal routine transactions . mainly used to prepare data for office support in planning modelling and analysing the alternative apart from decision making process, managers can develop their own system for their own use The DSS is dfiffernt from data prcessing systems , it is only used for support not an automated decision making, useful for semi structured problems . Main characteristics of DSS Effective problem solving enhanced by interaction between computer and manager Proximity entry system: which can open the door entry into the integrated with the computer network
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