Main Sources of Scots Business Law

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Explain the main sources of Scots business law by answering the following questions. 1. Identify and describe the sources of legislation that are binding in Scots law and quote at least one example. 2. Explain judicial precedent and its use in Scots law quoting at least one example. 3. Explain Institutional writing and its role in Scots law. 4. Explain custom and its role in Scots law. 1. Scotland is a part United Kingdom and does not have its own right to make a law without approval. As a part of United Kingdom Scotland has a right to make decisions under only certain legislations. There is also a higher power on top of UK which is European Union that needs to approve any decisions of law making made by UK. In this process all countries within EU are considered equally. We could demonstrate the power of each of those departments in a simple diagram: Scottish Parliament has power over devolved matters such as: - agriculture, forestry and fisheries - education and training, - environment, - health and social services, - housing, - law and order (most commonly within Scotland only), - local government, - sports and the arts, - tourism and economic development, - transport. Other reserved matters are dealt with by Westminster and those are: - benefits and social security - immigration - defence, - foreign policy, - employment. - broadcasting, - trade and industry, - nuclear energy, oil, coal, gas and electricity, - consumer rights, - data protection, - the Constitution. Scotland also as UK is being a part of EU needs to consider laws inside European Union while making their own legislations. There is several Scottish legislation out there and as an example we could use i.e.: Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 Quote: 1(1)“The Scottish Ministers must ensure that the net
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