Macbeth vs Lord of the Flies

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Shawnabeth Newman Ms. Sargent AP Language 10/5/2011 Macbeth vs. Lord of the Flies The characters of these stories experience a start of civilization with order, undergo a growth with chaos, and end with great liberty. Macbeth has a wonderful ruler; King Duncan, whose life ends in a tragedy. His death leads his country in a huge amount of chaos and destruction. Lord of the Flies starts with a main leader, Ralph, who only wants what’s best for all of the people on the island with him. He encounters some trouble with Jack, who wants to be the leader and have his own rules. In Lord of the Flies, their civilization starts off with order because they’ve got one ruler who knows what’s best and wants everything to go right so that they can be rescued. Ralph gets voted in to be the leader by the others boys on the island with him. He makes the boys have meetings everyday to build structure and keep the order going on the island. They use a conch shell to symbolize who has the right to talk and for everyone to listen too. It’s a great way to keep them from going crazy, not listening to each other’s ideas, and coming together as a “team” to try and get rescued. In Macbeth, Scotland is ruled greatly by King Duncan, who gets murdered by Macbeth. Before his gruesome death, the country of Scotland was going in a great direction. His army was great, and his kingdom was in wonderful condition and everyone adored him as their king, and when he was murdered it took a huge toll on the community of the country. As these stories start off good, they grow into a civilization of huge chaos. In Macbeth the tragic death of the King leads the whole town into chaos. “If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me”, States Macbeth in act 1. This quote tells us how much Macbeth wants to be kings. Macbeth and his wife had planed the

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