Macbeth Blood Motif

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Essay #1 Kelly Ho October 23, 2011 IB English Pd. 5 Macbeth Motif Essay; Blood Throughout the play, “Macbeth”, Shakespeare evokes blood and bloody images in order to express the idea that blood can give Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth power but also ruin them as well. Later on, blood begins to symbolize the emotional guilt that they face from their actions aside from the power they obtain. Macbeth is confronted with blood several times from the beginning to the end of the play to show the rise and fall of his power. Shakespeare depicts Macbeth as a heroic figure, proudly serving his country through his courageous actions. However, after an encounter among three witches concerning his fortunes, Macbeth evolves into an obsessive character with a goal to obtain more power. In the beginning of the play, the King of Scotland, King Duncan encounters a bleeding sergeant that his noblemen, Macbeth and Banquo, had attacked. Duncan had exclaimed “What bloody man is that? He can report,/ As seemeth by his plight, of the revolt/ The newest state.” (1.2.1-3), to which blood indicates the open wounds Macbeth had caused to him. Shakespeare’s use of blood in this scene represents the loyalty and honor as Macbeth killed Macdonwald in defense of the king. After the battle, Macbeth was rewarded with a new title as the Thane of Cawdor yet he was not completely satisfied as he became greedy. Shakespeare also uses bloody images to foreshadow future events associated with Macbeth’s power. Aside from symbolizing blood as honor, he uses it to demonstrate the character of Macbeth and his drastic personality change as the play progresses. After committing the cruel act for their own personal gains, Shakespeare turns bloody images
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