Leni Riefenstahl Influences

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Leni Riefenstahl was a product of her time. Her early influences by her father, the nazi rising, meeting hitler and the weiemer republic directed Riefenstahl into a carer pathway in which was a product of her time. Though she claims that she was not influenced by theevents happening in Germany, reifensthl portrayed images, films and ideas related to her times. Leni roefenstahl was born on the 22nd of august 1902 in berlin. Her family lived as middle class, her mother was a seamstress before marriage while her father was a businessman. Despite the political events growing around her, the riefensthal family was well sheltered from any social and political unrest especially during the early weimer republic period. Her father wished for her to join the business career while her mother knew she belonged in the show business. Despite her father’s wishes Riefenstahl attented dancing lessions behind her fathers back, this soon came to an end when her father found out however she persuiaded him to let her dance. Her dancing…show more content…
Found by arnald frank, Riefenstahl became an actress. During the late 20’s expressionist films were highly successful and the introduction of “bergfilms” gave Germany escapists plots away from the depression. Arnold frank directed a lot of bergfilms in which reifenstahl participated in. her first bergfilm was the holy mountain as an actress and dancer. After being mentored by frank, Riefenstahl looked to go futher in her career and started directing. In 1932 the great depression hit high peak and the weimer republic was calapsing. This time gave Riefenstahl the idea to make her first movie “the blue light” which caught the attention of many middle classed germans who where losing their economic resources due to the hyperinflation. This shows that she was a product of her time because she was influenced by the great depression and the wiemer republic which made her first movie a
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