Kingfisher Airline Essay

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KINGFISHER AIRLINE CUSTOMER DRIVING MARKET ANALYSIS Under this topic we are trying to find out why the customer are attracted toward kingfisher airlines and what service is attracting them to go for kingfisher airline and what is its uniqueness which is different from other airline. For this we have went to series of regular customer who often use kingfisher airlines and also asked them reason why they prefer it over other airline. The questionnaire for this was: 1. Name:- Address:- City/Town:- State:- E-mail address:- Phone number:- 2. How Often do you fly in kingfisher airline? i. Frequently ii. Once in a month iii. Once in a year iv. Never 3. What all Criteria which you look before booking your airline? i. Services ii. Low price iii. Promotional Offers iv. Nonstop flight v. Others If others, please specify 4. Which medium you often choose while booking ticket? i. Internet ii. Travel agent iii. By Calling the airlines iv. Others If others, please specify 5. Is kingfisher airline value for money? i. Yes ii. No If yes/No please specify reason to support your answer. 6. Where does Kingfisher airline lag? i. Promotional offer ii. High ticket price iii. Customer building iv. Others If others, please specify 7. Did you ever had a bad time in kingfisher airline? i. Frequently ii. Sometimes iii. Very often iv. Not at all 8. How do you rate kingfisher airline? i. Excellent ii. Good iii. Satisfactory iv. Need improvement 9. Which service you find more attractive of kingfisher airline? i. Entertainment ii. Food & beverages iii. Kingfisher lounge iv. Employees 10. Which area you feel kingfisher airline need improvement? i. Entertainment ii. Customer focus iii. Food
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