Jack Merridew Essay

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Jack Merridew Personality Jack is the novel’s primary representative of the instinct of savagery, violence, and the desire for power. Confident, power-hungry, well positioned natural leader. At first he hasn't lost his moral propriety and behaviour that society instilled in him at first. Chapter 1 he is unable to kill a pig however throughout the book his obsession with hunting makes him more savage and he then devotes himself to the task(painting himself, carving bloodlust). Becomes more malicious and gains more power, controlling the group. The group largely follows Jack in casting off moral restraint and embracing violence and savagery(except Ralph,Piggy and Simon); influential Jack’s love of authority and violence are intimately connected, as both enable him to feel powerful. How Golding wanted to make Jack look: Golding had very clear intentions for Jack Merridew. From the first moment we see him, he comes across as a very dominant and angry child. The way he brings across "his" kids towards all the meetings and the way they are dressed make him seem as the leader or dictator. The way he cries out that he will be the chief and how he will be the lead hunter makes us feel as if he is the antagonist, which I believe he is. The fact that Golding makes Jack the only child on the island with red hair causes him to seem different to everyone else. The red also signifies anger and rage, which are the traits of Jack. The way Jack picks on Piggy so much is because it makes him feel powerful but also makes him seem like a bully, which is Golding's intention. Jack Merridew reasons for selection Jack Merridew was selected by Golding to use as a catalyst of the plot to speed up the process of the becoming of savagery amongst the boys. Jack plays the role of a timid young lad who thinks he's the true leader of the boys. Jack is used to present a
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