Is Lady Macbeth A Fiend Like Queen

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Is Lady Macbeth a fiend like Queen? Macbeth is an original tragedy. The tragedy Macbeth was written in 1606 for King James the 1 of England it appeals to many of his personal interest, particularly that of the divine right of kings and witchcraft. The play is about the character Macbeth yet we are all still fascinated by Lady Macbeth who Malcolm describes as a fiend like queen, King James 1 and the Jacobean audience would have agreed with this statement but in modern audience has more difficulty in assigning her with this clear-cut description. The play is about Macbeth so why do we have this fascination with Lady Macbeth, I shall delve in to the deep character that is Lady Macbeth and find out if she is a fiend like queen. I can see why most people would believe that Lady Macbeth is presented as a fiend like queen, when she gets Macbeths letter as she immediately begins to plot the murder of Duncan this is out of her selfish desire to bear the name “queen” that drives her she comes over fiend like by using violent language, emotional blackmail, insults his masculinity and attacks his weaknesses to help commit the murder. Lady Macbeth takes full charge of Macbeth’s actions and seems to dominate him. Lady Macbeth calls upon the demons “Come, you spirits” this shows her calling upon evil spirits to help her to commit the deed of killing Duncan also the notion that lady Macbeth is possessed by evil spirits could explain the unnatural darkness, most fiend like. Lady Macbeths plots against killing king Duncan which is God’s appointed monarch, so by murdering him she is going against God which makes her more fiend like. Lady Macbeth shows outstanding displays of will-power, quick thinking and resourcefulness until after the banquet scene were Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost. She saves Macbeth on occasions where he has been in a helpless state, losing all ability to act

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