Invention of the Cell Phone

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Martin Cooper’s Invention of the Cell Phone Since Martin Cooper’s invention of the cellular phone in 1973, mobile communication has evolved from its initial purpose of providing the ability to communicate verbally to text messaging and access to mobile internet connectivity. The early origins of wireless communication date as far back to 1861 when J.M.C. Maxwell at King’s college in London proposed a mathematical theory of electromagnetic waves (Toni 11). The concept of the cellular phone was, at that time, merely an abstract dream. It was not until many years later in 1947, AT&T’s research arm, Bell Labs, introduced the idea of cellular communications (Web Corp.). Then in 1954, researchers with communications giant, Motorola, began work developing portable communication products. In 1967, one of those researchers, Martin Cooper, invented the portable handheld police radios used by the Chicago police department (Web Corp.). In “Biography: Martin Cooper,” George Leard writes that Cooper was born in Chicago, IL on December 26, 1928, and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Thanks to Cooper’s invention, Motorola and Bell Labs were now in a race to incorporate the new technology into portable devices (Web Corp.). Martin Cooper would prove to be the winner of the contest. Cooper had been fascinated for some time by the idea of the hand-held device presented in science fiction. In fact, according to “Times” website article “The Best Inventions of 2007”, Cooper cited Captain Kirk’s communicator in the television show,”Star Trek”, as his inspiration for the invention. It was 1973 when Martin Cooper made his first cellular phone call from his Motorola Dyna-Tac. The “Times” article continues that near the Manhattan Hilton in New York, Cooper decided to attempt a private call, and the people
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