Improper Influence on Conduct of Audits Essay

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34-47890 Improper influence on conduct of audits These rules prohibit officers or directors of an issuer, or persons acting under their direction, from subverting the auditor's responsibilities to investors to conduct a diligent audit of the financial statements and to provide a true report of the auditor's findings. 33-8183 Auditor independence matters The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC" or "Commission") is adopting amendments to its existing requirements regarding auditor independence to enhance the independence of accountants that audit and review financial statements and prepare attestation reports filed with the Commission. The final rules recognize the critical role played by audit committees in the financial reporting process and the unique position of audit committees in assuring auditor independence. Consistent with the direction of Section 208(a) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, we are adopting rules to: revise the Commission's regulations related to the non-audit services that, if provided to an audit client, would impair an accounting firm's independence; require that an issuer's audit committee pre-approve all audit and non-audit services provided to the issuer by the auditor of an issuer's financial statements; prohibit certain partners on the audit engagement team from providing audit services to the issuer for more than five or seven consecutive years, depending on the partner's involvement in the audit, except that certain small accounting firms may be exempted from this requirement; prohibit an accounting firm from auditing an issuer's financial statements if certain members of management of that issuer had been members of the accounting firm's audit engagement team within the one-year period preceding the commencement of audit procedures; require that the auditor of an issuer's financial statements report certain matters to the

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