Importance of Opening Scene

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Importance of Opening Scene (Macbeth) The opening scene in Macbeth provides an ideal background of the play. The audience is gradually made conscious that the events who follow will take place against the background of evil, which the witches have decided for Macbeth. The scene takes place on the heath, barren and deserted land. The prevailing darkness is sometimes believed only while thunder and lightening in scene. Such an atmosphere is always indicated with evil. Therefore the audience is given some indication that the evidence of play was also be tragic. The three witches have enter, there were various prediction regarding the role of the witches in the play. Amongst most commonly discussed theory it is believed that the witches are symbolic representation of the evil in the world. Another theory suggest that the function of the witches is to act as a symbolic representation of the evil in man's mind. They are an extention of desire in man's mind to do wrong and then to blame it on some external agency. the witches are real, presence in the play with a character and role which is destined. To support this belief one must remember that the witches when first seen Banquo on the heath they had prophecised for him also. The witches are ingaged in discussing events past, present and future. They seemed in someone controllers of time. The first witch refers to the past when she speaks of their meeting then concluded in hours - '' When shall we three meet again.'' To this the second witch who is more informed about the present replies - ''When the hurly-burly's done, when the battle lost. Refering to the future the third witch confidently said- ''That will be ere the set of sun.'' From this belief the audience is made aware of chief characters of witches. They precide over time and control the weather causing thunder,
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