How Significant Was the Great War in Explaining the Revolutions of 1917?

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How significant was The Great War in explaining the revolutions of 1917? The Great War to a certain significance contributed to the revolutions of 1917 due to the fact that the war was the major trigger for both of the revolutions in the year 1917,also the aftermath of the war questioned the leadership in Russia, The Great war had shown the incompetence of the Tsar and the Provisional Government, both failed to meet Russia’s growing needs. The Great War had also worsened the already existing issues within Russia at this time for example, political unrest, social and economic problems Russia had already faced during this period of 1917. The Great War strongly contributed towards the February Revolution as this event in history was the key event which had really broke the camels back for the revolution to happen. The war had affected the trigger of the revolution by the weak army with a large lack of ammunition for their weapons, therefore they were unable to fight and fend for themselves, therefore Russia had to depend on the Allies such as Great Britain and France had to help them, also the tactics the Russians had used were very old fashioned therefore it had seemed they weren’t ready for war at all. This was seen as embarrassing for the Russian people and a hint for the people they needed change in Russia, if they were going to survive in the modern world. The war was a rather large mistake for the Tsar, although Russia had obtained slight success at the beginning they were facing harsh Germany and had badly equipped Generals, who were unsuccessful and not well trained this showed more signs of not being at all ready for the war. Furthermore, the Tsar had left Petrograd the capital of Russia to become the Commander of Russia’s army, this was a huge mistake for the Tsar as he had no military experience whatsoever and from then on, the Tsar was blamed for
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