How Far Do You Agree That the Treaty of Versailles Was Fair on Germany?

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Personally, I strongly believe the treaty of Versailles was completely unfair towards the Germans. The Big Three had forced Germany to sign the treaty and had centred the chaos of the war on one country- Germany. Wilson having published his fourteen points had given the German a misleading thought that if they surrendered they wouldn’t need to put up with the war guilt and reparations. Germany was given a false sense of security by the 14 points because the fourteen points were strongly centred on self-determination which was something that Germany would have liked just to keep their moderately large territory. The reparations that Germany were forced to pay weren’t solely centred on the rulers of Germany because they had had a more profound effect on the citizens of Germany instead. The citizens of Germany weren’t responsible for starting the war so I strongly believe that the reparations were completely centred on the wrong people. The starting of the war wasn’t exclusively the fault of Germany; it was in fact all the aggression and imperialism which was between all the leading countries that were at the time, trying to build their own powerful empires (such as the British and French). Although I do agree that France deserved to have Alsace-Lorraine back because most of the people living there personally thought that they were either French or Polish not German. The Germans did have an advantage over Alsace- Lorraine because the French had clearly lost Alsace- Lorraine during the Franco Prussian war in 1870. I also slightly agree that what Germany was limited to in their army was enough to defend themselves because ten thousand soldiers in their army, six battleships and banning them from using their navy and air force was enough the stop Germany from getting out of hand and starting another complicated problem. The treaty also included the fact that Germany would
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