How Does Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 6 of the Great Gatsby?

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How does Fitzgerald tell the story in chapter 6? In chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby, the reader learns more about Gatsby’s underprivileged roots- his disadvantaged former self James Gatz, and the transformation to the seeming embodiment of the American Dream- Jay Gatsby. His wild self-reinvention seems to be the central focus in chapter 6, as Gatsby attempts to shift out of the limelight he previously enjoyed when attempting to gain the attention of Daisy Buchanan. This leads to the visit of Tom Buchanan and the aristocratic Sloane family who “drop in” on Gatsby’s party mansion “for a drink” where we see that despite Gatsby’s enormous wealth, he is not welcome in the world of Buchanan and the Sloanes. Tom and Daisy’s invitation (and attendance) to one of Gatsby’s extravagant parties allows Fitzgerald to truly cement the gulf between Gatsby and Daisy. When Gatsby urges Daisy to “look around” she describes she is having a “marvellous time” yet her speech is interrupted by Gatsby. This is an indication of Gatsby’s nervousness because his usual finesse and polish has been cracked due to the significance he has placed on Daisy coming to one of his luxurious parties. It also reveals Gatsby’s lack of true social grace, despite his obvious monetary gains, we can see his impoverished roots (revealed earlier in the chapter) come to light. Gatsby also urges Daisy to “look around” because he is desperate to show her what he has created and ‘earned’ for her. Yet this is sadly ironic because of the obvious social gulf between Gatsby and Daisy. The more Gatsby does to try to impress Daisy, the less she is enamoured with his false glamour. She believes his parties to be ugly and tacky, yet Gatsby cannot see this. This creates a further distance between them and foreshadows Daisy’s rejection of Gatsby later in the novel. Fitzgerald uses Nick as a first person, retrospective

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