Horror Story - Narrative Writing

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The graveyard was silent; suddenly the Earth gave way to colossal bouts of ectoplasmic entities. Earlier that night, four friends were welcomed by a series of torment and sudden doom, the unsuspecting quad were whispering prayers as they passed through the rustling gates of this barren, chilly and shallow place. Here and there, the gravestones leaned together like old friends. The tombstones of cold withering cement witnessed the tears of laughter and the tears of guilt awaiting every shadow’s lament. As the four remorsefully glared at a stone that read “Son, Brother and Friend”, the deafening silence was pierced suddenly by the deathly shriek of a darkened crow. “Ahhh!” exclaimed the silent Delia. Again it shrieked, and again! Frightened Skye grabbed Delia’s hand while Ivan was holding Maia. The unending fog hung on the stones of the dead like a heavy, suffocating sheath, casting relentless misery on all who trespassed through it. Graves were adorned with carnations that glistened under the light of the silvery moon. The sweet scent hid the unpleasantness of the moist environment. Gently, Ivan swiped the dead leaves off a grave marker, dead flowers crinkling in his hand as he replaced them with fresh, blossoming, red roses. One after the other, the teenagers pressed their foreheads against the cold stone of their dear best friend. In that second, as they glanced above, they heard a crackling sound. Millions of ectoplasms were giving way from the depths of hell – the tarturus. Misplaced in alarm and intense confusion, the panic-stricken teens stood in horror with their mouths wide open. Awakened by the filthy, noxious smell, Ivan grasped Maia’s hand along with Skye’s, expecting Delia to follow. Unconsciously, Delia dropped down. “DELIA!”, screamed Maia. Ivan, throwing himself back to rescue Delia, harshly tripped on a rock while the ectoplasmic figures approached
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