Helmer Vs Younger

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Even though the main character of Ibsen’s novel ‘Doll house’, Torvald Helmer, and the main character of Hansberry’s novel ‘Raising in the sun’, Walter Lee Younger are from different social situation, both of them encounter similar problems with their families, their wives, and their money. Torvald Helmer is a man with bright future, who has respect of community, and Walter Lee Younger works as a driver for wealthy white people, who just dreams about the opportunity of earning money; but both men actually want the same thing, they want to flush with money their families. As both men earn money for their families, they consider themselves to be ‘heads of the family’. But such patriarchal definition does not work anymore; Walter understands it, and as a result of realizing this truth, he changes into a better man. And Torvald, on the contrary, is unable to comprehend this nude fact. It was already mentioned, that both men earn enough money to provide for their families. Torvald Helmer is a prosperous lawyer, he seems to be a law abiding good-doer; Walter Younger is a driver, but he dreams of opening liquor store, hoping to earn money and improve the living conditions of his family. Torvald feels himself to be the head of the family, he patronizes everything. He takes pleasure in positioning authority at home, as well as, at his bank. Walter Lee Younger constantly feels, as though, the whole world is against him, especially his wife Ruth and his mother Lena, because they do not support his idea of opening a store. He seems to be obsessed with money, and ignores his family. Both men similarly understand the fact, that their wives are dependent on them. Torvald calls his wife ‘little squirrel’, and treats her, as a capricious child. He treats his wife as an accessory, which suits to his ideal house, ideal job, and ideal life. His feelings, his love, his

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