Gothic Genre Essay

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By: Jenny Blenman One view is that “The fascination of the Gothic lies in its study of the forbidden”. Where for you does the fascination of the Genre lie? In your answer refer to a least 2 prescribed texts. The fascination or attraction of the Gothic lies in its ability to reveal the darkness of human actions and emotions. This is clearly highlighted in the gothic poem “Lenore” and the short stories of “The Pit and the Pendulum” and “The Black Cat” both composed by Edgar Allen Poe. However in Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca” the personality of Rebecca is seen to be the complete opposite of the stereotypical Gothic heroine. This darkness of human actions and emotions is shown by the constant imagery of death, the brutality of violence, the possession of the mind and the revenant. Death is widespread throughout all Gothic texts and usually reveals the true human emotions. In “Lenore” the death of Guy De Vere’s lover Lenore is revealed in the symbolism of the phrase in the opening line “broken is the golden bowl”. The use of the imagery of a “golden bowl” highlights that Lenore was pure and beautiful. He calls society “Wretches!” which through the connotative meaning of the word leads the responder to believe they were responsible for her death. He also believes that it was due to the gossip of society “by yours, the slanderous tongue” that led her to “die so young”. Also he is highlighting the darkness of society by saying “ye blessed her- that she died”.” The frequent repetition of the phrase "died so young" emphasises the contempt Guy De Vere holds for society for taking Lenore. Furthermore the narrator is highlighting the darkness that exists on Earth and Lenore is breaking away “float up from the damned Earth!” from the hell that is about to engulf the Earth. The last three lines of each stanza form a triplet, usually with two lines of repetition, to emphasise
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