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American History H L. Watson Book Report Due: 10/29/10 The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Federick Douglass Introduction The life of Frederick Douglass was very hard. He was born a slave in February of 1818. Being separated form his mother at just a very young age, he was raised by his grandmother on a plantation. He had several slave owners but the one whose plantation he spoke of the most was Colonel Lloyd. Douglass' focus in this book was to keep record of what i believe to inform the world of the American slave. I hardly think he knew his book would be read as widely as it is or have lived on as long as it is been. Body The novel was published in 1845. The book's setting was during 1818-1841. Since he was moved from place to place, there is more than one location of the setting. It started off on the Eastern shore of Maryland then headed off to Baltimore then to new York City and ended in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The author extensively describes the cruelty that he's seen in the novel and being that this was a slave narrative genre it is expected. He talked about a man named Demby and how after a severe beating, he jumped into a creek. Demby stood his grounds and refused to come like the overseer told him and he was shot. He also talked…show more content…
The rise of the book took place in Baltimore when he had his new master and mistress. The mistress started off treating him with so much kindness. She taught him his alphabet and started to teach him how to read, she clothed him, and gave him a sufficient amount of food. Mr. Hugh Auld and Mrs. Sophia Auld and their family care for Frederick. When Frederick was sent to his old plantation because of the death of his old master, he realized what he had back in Baltimore. He said that he had probably hated his old planttion more than the others because he knew what kindness
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