Four Views of Hell Essay

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LIBERTY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY BOOK CRITIQUE FOUR VIES OF HELL A Theological Critique Submitted to Liberty Theological Seminary in partial fulfillment of the requirements for completion of the course, THEO 530 SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY II By Elliot Sanchez Lynchburg, Virginia September, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Summary------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Interaction with author’s work---------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Introduction When the topic of Hell jumps on the stage, people seem to come to attention. Maybe it is the topic itself or the uncertainty of the truth a person might have heard of in their interactions with people. While conducting research on the back ground of the book I came across multiple of published writings dealing with the same topic of the Four Views of Hell. Many of these writings were published by the same publisher as the book this critique is focused on. The Four Views of Hell written by John Walvoord presents the Literal, metaphorical, purgatorial and the conditional views of Hell. Each person adding to the book or particular view tries to sway the reader while at the same time disagrees with the other views in a way that is respectful. As with any debate there are times of agreement and at others slightly hidden attacks by each apologist. The reader in this case is left with lingering questions such as how can so many views are developed by reading the same text. While those presenting their own ideas is well thought out and presented it would appear the cases presented are not strong

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